Generally speaking, for as long as I can remember and from what I have observed when looking around at the world we live in, it seems that we give in to, follow and idealize a very skewed societal way of what we should do, how we should think and how we should act. Then ignorantly, we just follow that and do so without challenging or asking questions based on what we actually encounter via real life experiences, through seeking equality, education, culture or the confidence of being self-empowered like that. Why?

Many of these things and ways of thinking have been handed down and force fed to us. This inherited and all-inclusive blanket has been thrown at everybody from the time we step out of the womb and then it gets passed down through generations. It always has. From there and through each era, different versions of the mandated truth of the “machine” versus our own beliefs and perceptions, are lived throughout history despite what is right or what is fair. It is sad to see when people and world leaders are acting in such a way that is not rooted in love, human decency, inclusion and equality. In and through that, is where we have failed to realize who we really are. We are HUMAN. Every last one of us. Period. Our race as a whole, is HUMAN. In being humans as a whole, we are extremely intelligent, intuitive, creative, compassionate, empathetic and loving human beings. Even if we were not taught how to be this way, we all want to be this way so bad because we already are. It is innate. That is human nature-even in our flawed ways. This is the role that we should individually play in the collective of this world. And if anybody has forgotten, they should be reminded. I am reminding you today of the good people that I know we all are.

I choose not to follow or co-sign on segregated belief systems. These systems are the grain and thread that induces fear, a national divide and chaos among our national race of being HUMANS. I choose not to live in fear and consciously, I have always made that choice. I have always known that I hold my own key to be self-empowered to make these choices. And even though I’ve not always made the right choices, I at least had the guts to go against the grain in an effort to figure out what the hell is really going on. If we do not do that in good faith, what do we have left of self-evolution? Without self-evolution, we are left with ZERO power. Are we really going out like that? I’d like to think not. I think we have it all. I think we have the power of better choices for ourselves and for others. And from there, actual human connection and interaction would be ideally, so simple.

But then we have the hurdle of news, social media and technology. We need to be making the human experience and interaction with these things so much more conducive to our overall well-being than how we have been. Why is there an incessant need to report, post and spread primarily, nothing but garbage. I am so disgusted with people when I base my opinions on what I observe on the screens in front of me. Hello???? Is anybody actually out there? Please do better folks.

Have you ever looked around and paid attention to your surroundings? People look like zombies on auto-pilot glued to their phones and glued to the clock which predicates our need to worship the almighty dollar and the almighty need of being self-important. Can we not be more useful in the throws of THIS epidemic? If the incredible power of technology we have available to us wasn’t such a catalyst to our disgusting, superficial and impersonal demise, our entire world would be living a much different collective experience. Do I need to say it again? Do better folks. If we begin to plant the seeds and take small, persistent steps at being better humans in our own existence, imagine the domino effect and windfall effect this would have on our entire human race and planet as a whole. I’d like to think that THIS is what will trend from this point forward throughout our generations. If we don’t step it up and make those small choices and do our part, I hate to imagine what the world will come to. It’s rotten out there. Can we make it better? I don’t think we have a choice at this point.

There was a day when I realized that everything I believed up until that day was not as it seemed. Almost everything I had been taught was either based on opinion or someone else’s ideals of what they thought I should be. These opinions and ideals were nowhere near entirely accurate or even reasonable. Many of these implied/forced ways of being were just simply not evolved on all levels-mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I perceive that all of us, on some level, were force fed so many stringent belief systems based on the past. I don’t know about you, but I don’t prefer ever staying stuck or living in the past or based on dated ways of thinking-especially this day in age and considering how advanced we actually are. It’s a new dawn and a new day. So what about the here and the now? The past is history and that is where it belongs. Take forward the lesson, yes. But learn from the lesson and do better. This is a pretty basic, universal concept and it is crucial in moving forward. This concept can be applied to anything.

The power of change is the most powerful self-prophecy that one can make. The day I learned how to embrace and accept change was the day I became self-empowered as an individual of the present day and in and of my present self. That was also the day I learned to relinquish the need to control everything and admit that I do not have all the answers and that I am wrong often. I learned how to gracefully accept that, forgive myself and forgive others. Since then, it has been quite the raw, uncertain, lonely, overwhelming and frequently self-medicated adjustment period. I’ve asked myself why it had to be like that. Why did it have to be so difficult for me to just be myself and why did I have to feel wrong, guilty or selfish for wanting to be as such? I have NEVER been like the rest-ever. Are any of us? We are all unique.

To answer my own question, the reason why it had to be and feel like that was because I was stuffed into a world that told me to be everything that I am not. And guess what? I did it for a long time kicking, screaming and miserable the whole way. But man, did I do it well. I did it with ease and I kicked ass and took names. But if you live against your own truth long enough, it will eventually come back around and bite you in the ass. You will eventually be forced to face yourself and you will see your own true colors. That usually happens at rock bottom. My perception of rock bottom is a proverbial process that means losing much of what you have tangibly or metaphorically gained throughout life’s process and I have lived through at least a few of those in that sense-each time coming around to deeper truths within myself.

It is no wonder why our world is full of toxic epidemics. What I am about to say may not resonate with everybody but it will for many. When you stuff enough people into a world and basically teach everybody to be something that they simply are not or live against their own truth and passion, everything sucks. In living that way, your future doesn’t ever look like it has a means to an end and you will find yourself constantly asking yourself “What does this all mean?” This then triggers a lot of confusion, regret and self-doubt. So, we begin acting out and self-indulging in a bunch of bullshit to distract ourselves from our dismal realities. And when I say bullshit, I mean a whole string of elusive, band-aid, quick fix, instant gratification-type shit to remove ourselves from a seemingly sad, boring, uninteresting, questionable, nonsensical and/or disheartening reality. I believe this is a huge contributing factor to all sorts of addictions.

The good news that I can attest to is that once you get to a point where you start challenging yourself and questioning all these things, real change can begin to happen because real change and balance starts taking place within yourself. Again, I may be speaking too “deep” or “left-field” for some but I know this resonates with many that operate more from the creative side of the brain. Mind you, I do not find fault with anybody that doesn’t “get” me or see things the way that I see them. Many of these people live in total peace and are content. Many of these people are lying to themselves and living a lie. Some people live a good balance of having one foot on each side of the fence. I am just more of an extravagant, transparent, extra, out-of-box thinker, lover, doer and dreamer. I will try just about anything once and I have tried, accomplished and failed at so many things. I will continue to do just that and I will do it comfortably and with ease.

Maybe I digressed a little. But I enjoy writing out my thoughts in no particular order sometimes. I think that in the end, it all comes down to our very unique personal journeys, self-evolution through life lessons and the continual rebirth or baptism of self for better or for worse. The individual results are what cause a ripple effect in the world around us. BE the change you want to see. I just gave all my reasons as to why I know this saying is not cliche. I have been living proof three times over in my life already and still moving forward as a work in progress. I am not perfect. My work is never done. I do not expect anybody else’s to be. Stay present, centered and rooted in love rather than anger and/or fear. Own who you are in LOVE, know your worth and if you are going to stand for anything, stand for THAT and encourage others to do the same. We got this. This is what is necessary to “ascend” to higher levels of self and higher levels as a human race. That is what I would call heaven on Earth. We definitely need to relearn and redefine love and what it means to love ourselves and others.

Hi again. I’m Erica.

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