Wow. I am disappointed. I have been stewing over something that was said to me a while back and I have not known what to say about this or how to address it and that has been my problem all along. Reasoning is the weight. So I am just going to say it.

An individual that I used to highly admire and respect as a musician, producer AND as a very unique, skilled DJ with excellent taste in music said some very disheartening words to me. This person used to pride themself on mentoring and spreading intellectual AND musical knowledge to people including myself. Out of the amount of respect I have for this person, I refuse to share their name but here are the words:

“I’m probably not gonna have anybody at my house, to hang or do music, for a long time.”

“Sorry. Just gotta focus on many other, more important, projects and prospects.”

“I’m not much interested in wasting time on electronic music anymore. My love for it has cost me far far far more (in time and money), than it has rewarded me.”

“There’s nothing cool about that. So……yeah. That’s what’s up with that. No budging.”

“I ain’t got many more years on the planet, so I wanna be respectfully wise and honorable as to how I spend the rest of that time.”

Ok. I have heard this from SO many musicians/producers/DJ’s over the years. And if you are this type of artist, I know you hear me! My primary hang up here is trying to understand where and how you can possibly appoint something that you are talented at and supposedly LOVE to do as a measurable or quantifiable thing in which you expect something in return-namely a reward or money. I mean, nobody should have to do anything that requires skill or peforming a service for the public for free. I suppose this is where the term “starving artist” came from. However, if you hit a road block as far as what you feel you should “get back” where that is not happening for you, perhaps you should shift perspective and find the plethora of other attributes and opportunities that are afforded by being an artist perhaps that you are completely failing to see.

I am blessed to be surrounded, in abundance, by some incredibly gifted, driven and talented people. People that are far more respectable, admirable and that have so much more heart and visible passion than the richest, most materialistic, egotistical, mask of a person I could ever idealize myself after. Throughout my life and years, I have personally watched far too much talent and artistic intellectual capital go to waste because people get discouraged or think certain things are impossible or that they are not good enough in comparison to the empty, false, superficial, consumerized, grandiosity surrounding us in the world, on TV and in magazines. OR, they are so good and possess such gifted qualities that they are intimidating or threatening in nature and just SHINE SO MUCH, that they actually encounter haters and people who shun them and attempt to diminish them. They get little recognition and support from their community, peers and colleagues.

Well then, I just want to say: KNOCK THAT OFF! ALL OF YOU.

Whatever sets your soul on fire is yours to claim. It belongs to you. And nobody else can take that away. THAT is what you should NEVER stop doing. FIND the opportunity in whatever it is that you THINK is a road block. We do not always get what we want. We get what we NEED.

Did you need encouraging words today? Does this resonate with you? If it does, I am only here to remind you. Because I love you. Near, far or complete stranger. I have had the strength to be my own cheerleader during this same struggle and battle that we have within and against ourselves. In and by that, makes me qualified to be your cheerleader, too. And nobody gets to take THAT gift away from ME😁😁😁

So please. Get your ass up and kill it today-whatever that might mean to YOU. Because I take you seriously. Do you take YOURSELF seriously? I take myself seriously. Do THAT. TAKE YOURSELF SERIOUSLY and stand up and show up for YOURSELF. That is all that matters. Everybody needs to hear “You got this” every now and again. There were people that have said those words to me during times of my life when I was literally suicidal. One person in particular, was the same person that drove me mad enough to write this. This person obviously impacted me in such a way that contributed to me wanting to get up and chase the real things that I want in my life to represent a “40 hour week” to ME. And after I publish this post, I will “reward” that person with my gratitude.

It feels good when somebody tells you that you have inspired or impacted their life in a positive way. For me? No dollars can equate to that. I have heard these words from people in regards to certain pursuits, causes and endeavors of mine where maybe I did not get rich and famous but DEFINITELY made my time and efforts worth it just by hearing some simple words of gratitude and acknowledgment- even if I felt terribly uncertain of myself during that time.

The moral of the story is: Never give up on what belongs to your heart and soul. Those things are priceless. Priceless are the things that make us abundantly rich. And in doing those things, we reward the world with our gifts. From there, what gets returned to us will look dramtically and beautifully different. It is all perspective.


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