Folks- Be mindful of your thoughts. You will “plug in” and be receptive to things on an equivocal level of whatever your thought frequency is and the things on that level will be drawn to you/you drawn to them. Not only that, but it is very transparent to those that can observe and feel out energy. You are able to and can markedly affect those around you in a positive or negative way based on your thinking. It IS a thing.

Pay attention and stop intentionally curating something that you do not want because you do not even realize that your thought process is in the gutter. Yes, I too am guilty of this and I am speaking for myself.

Understand, that you can intentionally curate something that you DO want simply by not giving in to your low level thinking and “syncing” down to that level. Focus on the things that you DO want-not what you do NOT want. We choose our thoughts. It is similar to exercising muscle memory only, it is your brain you will be exercising and training. Level up in that regard.  Whatever your thoughts/intentions may be, you will eventually create in your reality. Think of your thoughts/intentions like a domino effect if you haven’t already. It’s kind of like the rubber/glue concept- no fail. I’m rubber. You’re glue. You know the rest.

You can embrace and accept the “darkness” about you but still be a beacon of light. We all have a dark side.  It does not matter what your belief system is. Do not hold on to that low vibrational energy. What do I mean by that? You will know it by how you feel. You might feel drained of energy and fatigued. You might even present with a compromised immune system to where you have illnesses often. There is cause and effect for everything in an attempt to restore balance.

Another example of low level/low vibrational energy (as I like to call it), is if you feel angry, self-deprecating, or have negative thoughts about yourself and you begin to project those feelings onto a person or people around you. This may present as envy/jealousy, coveting or hating another person’s success or favor or even an overexaggerated anger toward the other person for no real or apparent reason. This may be triggered as a response to observing them responding in a happy or elated way about a success they have achieved. If you are experiencing these emotions, it may be because you feel like you are not in control of your own environment and light is being shed on that. If you have a need or want to manipulate or control those around you in a way that is not conducive to a greater good or against God’s will/higher power/source or whatever you believe in, that is giving in to your OWN low vibration. It is toxic.  That’s what they call “bad vibes” or toxic energy. Don’t do that.

If those types of things have taken residency in your heart, mind, flesh or soul, I urge you to let that shit go before it is too late and your life comes flashing before your eyes and you will have spent it with a feeling of unfulfilled loneliness, lack and feeling robbed of the joy you couldn’t ever claim because you stepped on your own foot in the worst way possible failing to see your gifts of life right under your nose.

If you ever wished ill will for anybody else or tried to block, interfere or rob them of their happiness, due to what you feel you are lacking, that is like the ugliest “curse” I have ever heard of. Let that be reversed. Get a grip on yourself, have some patience and relax. Good things want to come for you. You have to let them. Understand, that may be a process for you. Ok? Good. I am glad that we cleared that up. I mean that. Head to head. Shoulders to shoulders. Back to back. Toe to toe. Head, shoulders knees and toes. And on my knees I pray. Thanks! Ok, that just got out of hand on ridiculous. I apologize. But I think you get the gist. You’re welcome.


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