Toxic does not agree with most people. It comes in many different forms. It isn’t a good look. When you have varying types of nothing but garbage piling up in one can, it is obvious why the only thing that will come out of the can is…….you guessed it! Garbage.

One thing I’ve learned is that I cannot force the wisdom I have gained from some tough experiences upon someone else to see things my way. Another person may be going through something similar that I’ve already gone through but their lesson or purpose of said experience may not be for the same lesson, reason or purpose that it was for me. The fact that I made it through some sort of struggle and learned something for myself does not negate the fact that someone else will still have to live out their own experience as they see it. I cannot “save” them or speed the healing process up for them. I am only in control of my reaction to their situation. They will have to throw the book of judgment at it on their own and learn the lesson at their own pace.

For most people, individual perception is reality. We could be experiencing something as a lesson, to grow in some way or we may be a stepping stone or lesson or purpose for someone else. Live and let live. Connect with others and share your stories. But don’t push your beliefs or ideals onto other people. No two dynamics are ever the same. Focus on you and simply try to be a better person than you were yesterday. This is where others will be moved and find inspiration in and through you. Anything else is a pointless distraction and simply a waste of time and energy. You’re welcome.


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