In reality and during the end times of the death of my ego, I offered myself salvation. I was saved by tapping into my source God and I was alone. I am whole alone. I learned how to love myself without an attachment to another being. I now stand in strength, not fear.

Now, I am ready to offer my cup to the world. I am ready to meet my person and my people. I want to be used to help my person and my people. So please use me! I am a wealth of my own unique gifts. If you want or need something, ask me. Talk to me about stuff that matters. That is what I do best. I want to see everybody including myself being shiny, happy and successfully thriving and I want to connect.

My wish upon a star my whole life has been to simply be happy and be loved. I mean, doesn’t everybody want that in some way, shape or form? I am able to best accomplish that through and of love for myself first. By virtue of that in which I practice, it makes me “qualified” to do that for other people. I love people and I am very giving or my essence in spirit. That shit is priceless. I am that “good guy” but I am also that wolf that will go for the jugular for anybody and anything that I love. I would fight for it and I would die for it. Have you ever loved anything so much that you would die for it?

I stand in my own corner, fee firmly planted but with the grip of loose hands. I do not cling or attach to things of the egotistical or material world as those things are all temporary and you should never let those things control you otherwise, those things will now hold the key to your happiness and as we know with temporary things, they can be gone just like that. I stand for a lot and I stand firmly planted in my ROOTS. I can stand in yours, too. I fight for what I love therefore, I will fight for you and for all of us, too. I think therefore I AM. And I am one hell of a a manifestor of my own creations in life.

I cannot wait to see what orbital will manifest now that I am ready and prepared to find myself in another person and in other people. Have you ever heard the saying that we are all one and that we mirror the world around us? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hallelujah. Can I get an AMEN?

I expect wonderful things out of myself and from you, too. I know what I want. I know where I want to be. And I am firm on what my idea of happy means. I beat myself up. I have criticized myself so hard. I have always been my own worst critic. But instead of waiting for the opportunity of change to fall into my lap, I chose to take action instead and claimed my own power and control over my own circumstances. I learned how to embrace, love and forgive myself. That is where it all needs to start-within. Until then, we cannot make effective changes in the world around us. We should never look outside of ourselves for anything because it all lies within. We each hold our own individual, proverbial keys. That is called our purpose. We work TOGETHER to co-create and “PRO”-create like the pro’s.

If you seek that wholeness or happiness in another person or thing whether that be a job, money, person, place or thing rather than from within, your cup will always seem half empty and that it because, like I mentioned before, it can easily be taken away from you if you give somebody else the key to your happiness or you rely on material or superficial things of the ego for your cup to be full. I hope you are following me here and I’m not losing you.

Live for being eternal rather than temporary and fleeting. I can HOLD your key as long as you do not forget that you ARE the owner of your key and the domain to your own heart and soul. That is how you keep your heart and soul cup full and never empty. I accept and stand firm in that perspective. It is my choice and way of thinking. We all have that choice. We purposely and intentionally choose how we react and perceive. I’m glad I figured it out and I am also here to help. I got next. You’re welcome.


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