I hate to be THAT guy but….nevermind. Do you want to know what? Today I am going to tell you how I turned over a new leaf and really started working on and practicing what I preach. God loves us and in Jesus name I pray for all of us, including the people that I have a mutually and reciprocal, dislikeable and disagreeable unrelationship with. I think I just made up some words there in an improper sentence. Amen.

Now, please don’t bow out now or shun me because I just used the words “God” and “Jesus” among witnesses. I am not a “holy roller bible thumper”. Hah. I just labeled myself in third person. But really, I am far from the most holy. I was raised Christian/Lutheran but I have also found relevance in the things I have read and discovered through Wiccan, Buddhist, Atheist, Baptist, Evangelical, Catholic and Muslim beliefs. It is ALL relevant. The more I make the effort to understand rather than judge things outside the belief system that was thrown at me without my request, the more I want to learn even more.

That being said, I try to do better with myself in different ways from one day to the next and I just wanted to throw those cards on the table and make it a point to say that it is never too late to ask for/accept your savior. Ask for forgiveness and mercy. Love yourself, make peace with others and do better with and for yourself in whatever that means to you on your terms.

I apologize to anybody I have hurt emotionally or spiritually attacked, harmed, bullied, ignored or abandoned in my life. Past, present and future. I hope you can forgive me. I forgive you. And I am going to do better for myself and everybody around me because I CAN and because I just made that choice. Lately, I repeat this choice day after day. Do better. That is your JOB. In the name of the Father, the son and the holy spirit. World without end. Amen.

This is the best way I know how to pray for all of us. So, I can only hope I am using the right words. I have a huge heart with pure intent despite my reactive actions and reactions sometimes. I stand somewhere in between so many accomplishments and things that I am proud of and so many things that I regret and that I am ashamed of. But aren’t most of us?

I think it is time to let go of and forgive yourself for any negative baggage that leaves you clinging to a bad version of your past. God forgives you if you will allow for that. So please, forgive yourself. Cherish the good times and keep pushing forward. We are all a work in progress. Know, learn or accept that so that everything good that is FOR you, will fall upon your path. Do not create blocks for yourself. Open your mind and heart and just go with the flow. I am allowed to say that with “experience and qualification” because I am a living testament of this and can base this on a very real spiritual experience and path that I am on. I have never felt more at peace and whole within myself in my whole life up until I started applying this mindset to my life. The transition has been far from pretty and perfect. But I wouldn’t change any of it because of where I am at today and how I feel about myself in my heart of hearts. Nobody is perfect. We all know that and we are all walking around in sin every day. That was the human design after all, wasn’t it? But it is certainly not how God wanted it. Whatever “God” means to you, I hope your God is of love, light, mercy, forgiveness and truth. Mine is. And to anybody that hasn’t found that solace in the cold, dark world that it seems we live in at times, I pray that you find and come to this “source”- God.

I hope that nobody is offended by how I chose to express this at this time. If I have offended anybody, I am truly sorry. I can only speak and interpret what I am personally aware of in my own, individual consciousness and subconsciousness.

People always talk about how the things you should never discuss is religion and politics. I do not buy into religion or politics and I never really have to be quite honest with you. The things we need to start “buying into” or “investing into” are ourselves and each other from the present time and moving forward and fuck all the rest. The rest is history as far as I am concerned. If we start living in the NOW, we will realize that we are history in the making. We are the future. And I’m sorry but, that has not yet been written. So let’s change up the dialogue for a greater good. We are all here- right here and right now-in the present. Make the present a gift because well, it IS. I just think we forget about that sometimes.

We are here to help walk each other home at the end of the day. We should be loving one another and celebrating our lives that we should be so grateful to be living. We should be celebrating our individual success along with the success of the masses of brothers and sisters among us regardless of whatever chosen path each individual decides to follow. People should feel at ease doing what makes them happy and people should not feel so closed off, weak and/or weird for wanting to be and show love, kindness, compassion and understanding to other people. Being patient and vulnerable are virtues that I believe almost everybody on this planet is starving, aching or wishing for.

The way I am speaking to these things should be the “norm” folks. Why have we been programmed to become so desensitized and cold to all the commonalities of a very messed up human condition that we all witness and have in our hands? Seriously. Where is the love? Have you noticed the state of affairs we are in as the planet we all live on? How much worse does the suffering have to get?

But also, even outside the scope of me wanting to see things be a little more all the “lovey dovey”, I want to say that it’s alright if you are more comfortable when you keep to yourself and you want to stay away from or out of the “masses”. It is alright if for whatever reason you cannot, will not or do not want to express how you really feel about things. I cannot say that I would blame you one bit for that. I am sure there is a very valid reason for that and to take that further, I’m sure that if I knew the reason, I would not be surprised at all by all the pain you must have endured in your life experience to get you to the point where you feel completely closed off from the world. I know the feeling because I have been there many times myself.

The world that we live in has been so harsh and it has made people lose faith in other human beings. We have devolved as a human race and society as a whole has become so disjointed, disconnected, jaded and mistrusting of one another. It’s like the world doesn’t even know what our people should be anymore It is sad, really. I think everybody can coexist just the way that they are among one another. As long as we are not harming or hurting anybody else is what is important. And also, as long as we remind ourselves that we should be living without judgment. And nobody should ever have to live in fear. Yet, here we all are. I know that it has taken almost an eternity for things to get to where they are now. But what about now and moving forward into the future? I believe changes can be made now to build a better tomorrow. It is a huge job but fundamentally speaking, should be an easy job if everybody did their part to simply live as decent human beings and leave the rest up to the REAL boss who is bigger than any of us put together-as one. Wow, did I digress.

Now, laying off the spiritual talk and on some real talk, whatever somebody else is doing is really none of your business. You do you and let other people do them-provided nobody is being harmed or getting hurt. Make it count. It’s pretty black and white if you ask me. On another level, if you are a bored, under-stimulated, busy body gossip king or queen and all up in somebody else’s business and you “say” it is out of “genuine concern” for them or their well-being or you say that “you only want what is best for them”, or whatever (you get the gist), quit lying and actually PROVE IT. Quit shit talking, adding to their problems and instead, be a part of their solution. Can you support and get down with that? If you think somebody is lost or hurting or trying to find their way, for Christ’s sake, help them do better or else, shut the hell up and mind your own business. Do something conducive with yourself rather than beating down somebody else that has probably already felt down in defeat. You feel me?

So let’s try this again. Let’s go to work. That is our job. That’s how God would’ve wanted it. Trust that. I am not wrong. Go live your best life now and whatever that means to YOU. Make it a great day one day at a time. Nobody ever succeeded at anything without failing and making lots of mistakes along the way. That’s just the way it is. You’re welcome.

Now, everybody go be nice and go after everything you want out of life. It is never too late😀🙏👽😍🤩. Sending good vibes, hugs and kisses and all that good stuff. Nothing but love, peace and harmony. Cheers! NAMASTE.


P. S. I really need a publisher or something. Can somebody else edit this? Spread the word. I’ve always been told I “talk too much” and that I am “too verbose”. I’ll work on that. LOL. Wow. Deep breathe Erica. Let’s do this.


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