What is it that I want? I want everything I already have. I claim it, own it and what is mine belongs to me. My intangibles are priceless and I want for nothing. I am blessed and grateful for my children, my life and the people in it-even for the ones that saw their way out by natural selection. I love and embrace myself and the personal attributes that I possess. I am comfortable in my own skin and in my shadow. I live for the light, the dark, my lessons and personal journey.

What do I miss? Absolutely nothing. There is a difference between occassional nostalgia, remembering past times and latching on to or remaining stuck in and/or by the certainty of what happened in the past. Live for today, what you have now and in the moment you have now. It is all you have with certainty. The past is history. The future is in the hands of your thoughts, intent and sheer imagination. Expect wonderful things.

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