Everybody in this world has their own unique thing to offer to the world. You are not other people. You are you. Embrace that and learn to love whoever that person is. Raise your vibration. Celebrate that very thing and the valuable differences in yourself and in those around you.

We are all pieces of the same puzzle and here to help walk eachother home. Don’t compare your chapter one with somebody else’s chapter 10. Don’t hate on others that have more than you or that are not like you. Don’t do that. Don’t try to pull them out of their glory. Learn from them. Perhaps you should allow their example to pull you in a different direction of your own. Recognize the people that are in your path and that will pull, push, support or inspire you into a new or better direction on your own path.

Steer clear of those that attempt to diminish or condescend you. Let go of people that consciously and purposely try to discourage you or pull or push you away from the path from where you are content in your soul and where you shine. Pay attention to your energy around different individuals. Stand firm in where you sit and own that. You should never allow anybody to be cruel to you or attempt to lower your vibration, take your value away or allow them to be a toxic being to your situation and/or divine solution.

We should build eachother up and coexist in love. Anything else is energy and time wasted. Let people be people and learn to be happy with wherever you sit. You alone are an incredible force. Utilize that awareness wisely, consciously and on purpose and you will find that there is so much in life to be grateful and inspired for. Live and let live. You are love and I love you. That is what we are by nature and deserve nothing less. If you feel anything less than that, identify and deal with the root of that cause and let it go. Keep it moving. You do not have to hold on to that. Choose better and you will allow yourself for better things to make their way in.

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