Some understanding and knowing can only be gained by emotional maturity and intelligence of the heart through experiences of the heart. Dare you go there. That is where it’s at. This knowledge is found when you sift, feel through and take action based on that rough, tough, beautiful stuff that makes you who you are in the relationship that you have with yourself. Understand that we are meant to go through all of these things as a means to level up in love. Understand that love can take form in so many things and in so many ways. But ultimately, love is derived from your source within.

The process of operating from the heart rather than the mind isn’t easy but it is worth it. You can see everything there is to know from that vantage point. It is your job to identify what you see and use your own discernment to either build on that or make some changes. If you are on that path of discovery, I commend you. It takes courage and removing yourself from ego, expectations and attachments to false ideals that are placed upon us from sources outside of ourselves. Letting go of those things is necessary if you are trying to get honest and aligned with your own heart. In doing this, there is so much joy and love to be had in life. Remember, it is a journey-not a destination.

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