Being consistent in conviction rather than wishy washy is where I am at and where I have always been. If I say you are my friend, or that I love you, etc. I mean it. And I will sit there through the worst of times with you too. Not just the good times. I have done this with people that frankly did not deserve what I have to offer in heart to them. I am ok with that.

In situations where most people are too fragile and give up, I do not give up and I never want to be the one to throw the towel in first over things that I know are temporary situations (which is almost EVERYTHING). I am forward thinking. I like solutions. However, my integrity, allegiance and loyalty is to myself anymore. And that is mainly because most people are simply too fragile because they are not convicted in better self beliefs of their own. And when they are not, they take everything personal because their self importance is measured by external things rather than their own good qualities that they have to offer. Perhaps they struggle to identify with or find anything good about themselves so they constantly look to fill a void from sources outside themselves. They are either co-dependent on another person for false sense of security OR look to blame another person and point fingers for anything wrong in their life or relationships rather than reflecting inward. I don’t know. But I would never measure the fine attributes that I posess based on anybody else’s lack of conviction with me or their wishy washy, selfish tendencies. That is because I own and am very well aware of my own endeavors, boundaries, my own truth, what I stand for, what I stand in and what I must do to continually find and be all of that. And so I do. There is no time for anything else.

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