Remember folks: HELLO EVERYBODY! IT IS WHITE GIRL DAY! In honor of white girl day, celebrate in BEING YOURSELF. Don’t know how?? Allow me to give you an example right here off the cuff. I know. I KNOW. I am thee WORST and belong in a straight jacket. I am the crazy one. Per usual. Blah blah blah. How bout ANYWAYS comma.

You ever see a “shapeshifter” (commonly referred to as shapeshiftEE by MEEEE)? because I have ZERO desire to “jump” into or be anybody else in their body. It is so invasively obvious. THAT WOULD BE SO GROSS and retarded of me to want to detach from myself like that because I like ME the most. LOL. Shapeshifter. The most inaccurate, ridiculous, childish, uneducated term reference I’ve ever heard.

You ever see a LIFE SOURCE RESOURCE “witch bitch shapeshifting devil WORSTHipper” see RED BEFORE?? See it here FIRST. That’s me ya’ll. That is what happens when the TRUTH UNFOLDED isn’t what I wanted to hear. I said with the school sith.

I captured a moment in history for me. The first day I ever saw RED RED.

I had a really bad night last night. Real bad guys. It wasn’t pretty. My energy was so REAL that inanimate objects were flying around the house in my pent up agression, rage and fury because you can’t always get what you want. Right?

My children’s father was trembling seeing me in thought I was going to hurt or kill myself. I AIN’T GOING OUT LIKE THAT EVER. JUST TO CLARIFY THAT. I am not crazy. It’s not me. It’s PEOPLE that do this to me. PEOPLE should show THEIR TRUE COLORS. Not MINE. Seeing this photograph TODAY, made it worse. You should’ve seen them AFTER my episode of hell mania ensued. It definitely wasn’t white girl day.

It would scare the devil himself. I had to calm down enough from a sadistic swelling of emotional behavior and some serious waterworks of sorrow, tears and feeling like literal life source was being sucked out of me. My energy was on EXTRA AT 100. I literally felt LIFE SOURCE leaving me at this moment. I paused long enough to breathe, focus and put my period on ALL CAPS. Don’t believe me? I’ll betcha my BOTTOM DOLLAR UNDER PRESSURE. And this bitch don’t lie. She ain’t wrong either.

Let’s call this one SPECTACULAR PERCEPTIVE DEPTH APPEAL at your service.

Yeah yeah I know. I am weird

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